by FH_Chicago
Our company strives to be responsible and committed neighbors in the communities we reside. Jackson Generation values community involvement and partnerships as integral parts of our success. We always seek to grow long-term relationships with local leaders and residents to build trust and respect. We continue to actively seek out opportunities to get further involved in the improvement of our communities.


J-POWER believes that energy production and the environment can coexist in harmony. Our company promotes environmental responsibility to contribute to the development of a sustainable society.
You can see J-POWER’s commitment to nature when you look at these two beautiful giant cherry trees, named Shokawa-Zakura in Japan. The trees are believed to be over 450 years old. Their original location was to be submerged during the construction of the Miboro Dam, but the first president of J-POWER orchestrated an unprecedented initiative to transplant these beloved trees to a safer location. For over half a century, J-POWER has cared for these trees.

Jackson Generation will be beneficial to our local and state-wide communities, and will:

Be fast, flexible, efficient and reliable. It can start quickly and will be the most efficient power plant in Illinois.
Employ approximately 500 craft union workers during peak construction phase.
Employ up to 35 full-time employees when the plant is fully operational.

Other Benefits of Jackson Generation:

Jackson Generation will support the state’s increased commitment to renewable energy sources.
  • When it’s not windy or sunny enough to generate renewable energy, the plant can fill an energy void.
  • Jackson Generation will enable Illinois to diversify its energy-generation mix.
  • Jackson Generation will be designed and operated with the latest emission standards, and will comply with all federal, state and local laws and regulations.
The combined cycle plant will make the best use of the land on which it’s located.
  • The site is already zoned for industrial use, including power generation.
  • Electrical transmission lines and natural gas pipelines are ostensibly already in place.
  • The plant will operate in the existing PJM energy market.